Institute for Cultural Studies

This newly formed Institute fosters research and/or research-based and workshop-led outputs and activities across divisional and disciplinary boundaries. The Institute promotes and engages with interpretive (or hermeneutic), historical, social and political researches as well as theoretical works in the Arts and allied disciplines.

The Institute for Cultural Studies produces the Mabini Review, one of the official journals published by the Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension, Development and Planning.

Message from the Director

Welcome to the Institute for Cultural Studies official webpage.

Created two years ago in 2012, the Institute for Cultural Studies is the brainchild of the current President of PUP, Dr. Emanuel C. De Guzman.  The creation of the Institute is designed to bolster the President’s main thrust since coming to office, namely, to develop a culture of research. This move forges a powerful correlation between the University’s ‘unique culture’ as a community, built through more than a hundred years of public service to the underprivileged, as well as an academic and industry-based research that is expected to provide the community a more sustainable dynamics of surviving the changing subtleties of the times, especially in the sector of public education and higher learning.  It is only appropriate that this approach to culture has to be research-based.

Virgilio A. Rivas

ICS Centers

  • Center for Social History - The Center fosters researches and activities in social history, which deal with empirical and theoretical studies focusing on everyday or ordinary life rarely broached upon in historical, political and economic studies. The Center is a major conduit of the activities and projects of the Philippine Association for the Sociology of Religion (PASR). 
  • Center for Creative Writing - This Center fosters researches and workshop-led activities in creative works, such as writing, literary criticism, visual and performing arts, film and film criticism; also critical thinking, and theoretical seminars in upgrading conceptual tools for enhancing creative and research craft.
  • Center for Humanities and Philosophy - This Center fosters researches in philosophical aesthetic and/or theoretical and methodological experimentations on various approaches on themes, issues and topics across the disciplines of philosophy and humanities.
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