Guidance, Counseling and Testing Services

Guidance is a vital part of education that provides assistance to students so that they would make intelligent decisions and adjustment in life. Its fundamental aim is to assist in bringing-out the best in a person – to help him responsibly adjust to situations as he progresses.

The role of the Guidance, Counseling and Testing Services (GCTS) is to mold the student through education with the ultimate goal of making him a better person. Through active student participation, it seeks to provide the student with the means to obtain self-direction and self-management while pursuing their chosen career in the University. It supports the Institution in its realization of the educational objectives through assisting, coordinating, and implementing relevant policies for student welfare and development.

To realize its objectives, Guidance Services are implemented within the school year to benefit the students and the entire academic community, as well. They are the following: counseling service, information service, individual inventory service, testing service, and research and evaluation service. Various activities are planned, organized, and implemented to help the student understand himself, improve his abilities, skills, and interests, and eventually become a well-adjusted individual. It continuously works towards its goal of maximizing students’ potentials to become self-directive.

Guided by the University’s Mission and Philosophy, the PUP GCTS is committed to enhance and uplift the moral, social, and spiritual development of every PUPian.

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