About PUPWebSite


Who are our visitors? And why do they come? (...and come back?)

Every passing day is a learning experience for PUPWebSite. A number of visitors have provided information about themselves through a online survey within the website and they also have provided us feedback on how we can improve our services more. Everytime you visit PUPWebSite, some information are being collected such as "Where you are?", "What are you using while visiting PUPWebSite?", and some stuff that are relevant in knowing who our visitors really are.

Demographic report gathered last June 2014:


Our visitors comprise members of the PUP community (students, faculty, alumni, employees), members of other institutions, and individuals who are interested to study through the University's various academic programs.  Some just want to see PUPWebSite to know what's happening in the University. Based on site visitation data, we can determine which areas of the website each client type visits more frequently. This helps us determine where we should spend our resources in the future to provide content that is of interest and value to each client type.

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