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What a journey it has been for this website. Every passing moment is a lesson learned and an experience.


Like all graduating students, a feasibility project is required. Prof. Mely R. Luya (then Dean of the College of Computer Management and Information Technology) required her Bachelor in Information Technology 4-1 class to group themselves and submit a project proposal. "Why not make PUP's website?" This was the question that spontaneously became a proposal and was eventually approved. This started the humble beginnings of this website. The students tasked to develop the website called themselves as the Abyss Creative Group. The students were Archie R. Roque, Severino L. Martinez, Christian C. Santillan, Hernanie P. Leodones, Angelo M. Angeles and Chrisanto A. Cañoza.


GeoCities.com was an ideal web hosting service at that time simply because it is free. Initial file transfers were made and on January 27 the site went online for the first time bearing the name "PUP WebSite Project". This is the first public launching since it started as a group project. Since its initial launch and publicity through search engines, numerous responses and requests began filling the site's guest book. So the group added more information to the website.

PUP WebSite Project

After the pioneer team graduated from PUP, the site remained unchanged until June when selected student assistants were tasked to update PUP WebSite Project. These students re-designed the site and through this the second evolution took place. The students were Jennifer R. Alcayaga, Daryll SD. de Jesus, Marylene D. Mojares, Terrence C. Natanawan, and Steve A. Verano.

On October, Prof. Mely R. Luya recalled Mr. Severino L. Martinez to head the development of the website. PUP WebSite Project re-used the original template and its name was changed to simply PUPWebSite (the third evolution).


PUPWebSite Millennium, the fourth evolution, was released mid-March. The pup.edu.ph domain was registered on May. During this period, the site has been conducting a series of test broadcasts over its newly registered Internet address while the website is still being hosted at GeoCities.

PUPWebSite 4.0 (Millennium)


The PUP Information and Communications Technology Center (PUP ICT Center) started operations with Mely R. Luya as its pioneer director.

Because of the need to further enhance PUPWebSite, the Web Development Team was formed with eight (8) members. Severino L. Martinez headed the team. For the first time, PUPWebSite was officially transferred from GeoCities to its own Internet address (www.pup.edu.ph). But still, the website isn't hosted within the PUP data center but to a commercial Internet Service Provider. Because of this, PUPWebSite operated on a limited functionality delivering only static web pages. For the site to have interactivity, it has to rely upon third-party Web add-on components. But that doesn't stop PUPWebSite from delivering relevant content to its visitors. In the final quarter of 2000, a definite move to enhance the website was prepared. Out of this realization, the fifth evolution was developed - PUPWebSite Excelsia. This version came with an earnest promise to prepare the University's website for utilization. PUPWebSite Excelsia was the first version made to comply with Web standards.

PUPWebSite 5.0 (Excelsia)


Finally, PUPWebSite operated on its own Web server. The site ran on two platforms - a UNIX and a Windows-based system. This gave PUPWebSite the flexibility it needs to adapt to future enhancements.

Also in this year, through a directive and support given by the University management, an Academic Content Research Group was formed. The group's task is to research and gather relevant data that is to be included in the academic content of PUPWebSite. The special team consists of selected faculty members of the College of Computer Management and Information Technology, student assistants, and an assigned content coordinator in each college of the University.

On October 2001, PUPWebSite Zentaris, the sixth evolution, was released.

PUPWebSite 6.0 (Zentaris)


PUPWebSite takes on a new direction in its undertakings - implement Online Services for the PUPians worldwide and bring education over the Web using PUPWebSite as its medium. PUPWebSite Connect became the online services section of PUPWebSite. It is an integrated suite of Web-based applications and services that enables information, systems, and people collaboration through seamless utilization of Web Technologies.

The Instructional Systems Development Team (ISDT) and the Systems Development Team (SDT) were integrated to the Web Development Team (WDT). ISDT became the multimedia development section, while SDT became the web application development section.

PUPWebSite Zentaris 6.1 was released. The template was restructured to accommodate low-bandwidth connections of visitors.


On April, Internet services in the University were discontinued. This made PUPWebSite and its online services offline for more than a year. Although the University’s presence on the Internet was offline, the development of the University’s site continues. An opportunity to upgrade PUPWebSite was implemented to give it more information and functionality. The original site in GeoCities.com was used during this period.


When Internet services returned in May, PUPWebSite Xentrius (the seventh evolution of the website) was launched, PUPWebSite Connect improved, and PUPWebSite Forum re-developed.

PUPWebSite 7.0 (Xentrius)

On June, in line with the centenary of the University, the PUP Centennial Site was launched.


On December, PUPCET iApply - a web-based PUP College Entrance Test Application System - was launched. This was a collaborative project of the Office of the University Registrar, the Admissions Office and the PUP ICT Center.


Prof. Alberto C. Guillo was appointed director of the PUP ICT Center. With directive from the Executive Vice President, the R&D website was developed.


The PUPWebSite 8.0 (codename Evesrion) was launched. The PUPCET iApply was fully implemented as PUP iApply (no more on-site manual processing of PUPCET application).

PUPWebSite 8.0 (Evesrion)


On April, the PUP WebMail was launched. This gave PUP offices, students, faculty and employees their own @pup.edu.ph email accounts. PUP WebMail was powered by then Live@EDU.


Prof. Marlon M. Lim was appointed director. The ICT Center was renamed ICT Office as part of the restructuring of the University. An implementation of a “hassle-free” online application of the PUP College Entrance Test was made wherein the applicant does the transaction online and just visits the PUP Campus for the exam. An ePermit, an electronic document system was put in place, replacing the traditional Test Permit.

PUPWebSite 8.5 (codename neoEvesrion) was launched in January. It is built on XHTML 1.0 and CSS 2.0 standards, and modified to comply with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0.

PUPWebSite 8.5 (neoEvesrion)


Engr. Remedios G. Ado was appointed Assistant Director of the ICT Office. The online ACE Form and PUP Online Survey for Faculty Evaluation (Main Campus) was implemented. The PUP Online Bookstore was launched. These made related University processes faster and streamlined, while data capturing and processing has been more efficient.


PUPWebSite 9.0 (codename steorrablæse) was launched. It is built using the latest Web Standards (HTML5, CSS3) and applies a Responsive Web Design (RWD) approach which is aimed at providing an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation—across a wide range of devices (from mobile devices to desktop computer monitors). This makes PUPWebSite among the first Philippine university websites that utilizes RWD technology.

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