SHS Uniform: Sizes, Material, etc.

06/01/2017 Bulletin Board

Please be guided by the design of the Senior High School Uniform. Listed below are the specifications for each uniform. 

For Boys:

  • Polo Shirt - White Tetoron 
    • Polo Jacket Shirt with Sports Collar, pocket at left side 
    • On top of pocket is a small patch with "PUP SHS" (black letters) 
  • Pants - Navy blue straight-cut (not conduroy material) 

For Girls: 

  • Blouse - White Blouse (Could be Tetoron)
  • Collar - Sports Collar and Sailor's Collar at the Back 
    • Waist band of two inches 
    • Tie (white material) with black piping
    • Printed on the tie is PUP SHS (black letters)
  • Pants (Cotton) - Semi flair (boot cut pants - slacks)

PUP SHS Shirt 

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