CHED-PUP Tied Up for College of Engineering Training Center for Industrial Electronics

12/04/2012 Information Broadcast

The PUP College of Engineering would soon in-house a 7-Million Peso Training Center for Industrial Electronics as a result of the memorandum of agreement between the Commission on Higher Education and the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.  Vice-President for Research, Extension and Development Dr. Manuel M. Muhi, spearheads the establishment and construction of the said training center to be located at Room 303 of the College of Engineering building.

The pre-procurement conferences and bidding process were now taking into account while the survey of Room 303 as site location was conducted.  On September 2012, the college prepared and presented the project organization and project plan to CHED. The PUP on the other hand, prepared details of the technical requirements of laboratory equipment/ modules and facilities which started last October and expected to commence this December. On the first quarter of 2013, the training center is aimed to be implemented. The PUP faculties who trained at Nanyang Polytechnic International in Singapore will be in charge in the supervision of training programs at the center while the office of the Dean of PUP College of Engineering will monitor the project according to the level of achievement of project objectives and problems met.

The training center would house complete set of equipment for power electronics, microcontrollers and embedded systems, motion/sequence control and programmable logic controllers with robotic applications including the computer sets. It is aimed that the laboratory center would enhance the competency requirements in instrumentation and automation processes for both instructors and students fitted with industry standards.

The CHED-PUP tie up in establishing this state-of-the-art Industrial Electronics Laboratory will be a great tool in the College of Engineering in gearing towards becoming the center of excellence in engineering education.

Philippine Transparency SealThis article is part of PUP's compliance with Sec. 93  (Transparency Seal) R.A. No. 10155 (General Appropriations Act, FY 2012).

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