PUP Lopez, Quezon Branch

Message from the Director

Rufo N. Bueza, MPA“Sometimes we have to give up something to make others Happy. We have to step back to allow them to be ahead of us. And at times, we have to forget ourselves for the benefit of the many. It may seem so unfair but in truth, that is the essence of Christ- centered life - a Christ centered service”. This is how my life gyrates in PUP.

First, allow me to thank God for the wisdom and good health he bestowed upon me. Second, my appreciation to all my friends in the PUP Board of Regents, the PUP President, Dr. Emanuel C. De Guzman, the VP for Research, Extension, and Development, Dr. Manuel M. Muhi, and the VP for Branches and Campuses, Dr. Joseph Mercado, for their encouragement and trust for me to accept the position again. Thank you also to all my friends in the national and local government units, my trusted Colleagues in the Branch for their continued support, my family especially my son for the inspiration, and all others who became part of who I am today.

It is undisclosed to those who know me how serious I am whenever I accepted a responsibility. I started serving this Branch as Faculty Club President in 2001 and became Director of UGPUP and PUPFFAI, OU Assistant Coordinator in 2005 and as Academic Head in 2009 and Director in 2011. My vision for PUP Lopez is to become the center of quality graduates in Southern Quezon. I believe that to achieve this vision I have to start from improving its facilities; from books to classrooms to laboratories. If we can have these stuffs then our students will find joy and satisfaction while learning in this University. I graduated from this Branch and I saw the necessities that this branch need to realize not only for the benefit of our growing number of students who consider PUP as their stepping-stone to reach their dreams, but most of all the parents who will soon depend on their sons and daughters when they grow old. I humbly asked God to use me as an instrument of educational innovations through good governance.

My leadership is anchored at PUP Philosophy of bringing quality education right at the doorsteps in every home of every Filipino. As a boulevard of knowledge in the countryside, PUP Lopez continuously compromised to be a partner of our National and Local government units in effectively responding to the needs of our industries not only in the Fourth District of Quezon but in the entire Region IV and its neighboring provinces and cities through the quality academic programs that this Branch offer. We are proud that on 2010 we produced topnotcher in civil engineering licensure examination and this year (2013) 5th Placer and 9th Placer for board examinations in civil and electrical engineering respectively. This is in addition to the hundreds of Board Passers we have already produced for over 34 years of existence in Lopez.

In its journey to success, PUP Lopez recognizes the big and generous role of its stakeholders in the whole region in molding and developing the minds of our students. Without their able assistance, the former will not be able to complete its duty of imparting significant knowledge to its students.

Aware of the Eight-Point Agenda of President De Guzman and the thrust of President Aquino to meet the challenges of the 21st century, PUP Lopez responds to the call of the Philippine Higher Education for quality assurance through an outcome-based and typology-based education. Hence, in crafting the Vision, Mission, Goals, Objectives, and development Plan, conscious efforts were exerted to enjoin the participation of all stakeholders enhancing their sense of ownership of the process.

With the Vision of our University President of transforming PUP into an epistemic community, PUP Lopez stand still as an arm of the whole PUP system’s realization of its mission of providing access to quality education; thus producing a research-oriented graduates who eventually can dichotomize the society’s problem and its actual solutions.

As PUP Lopez reaches its 35 successful and relevant years of existence in Lopez on February 13, 2014, it has proven once and for all that it made a great impact among the lives of those professionals that PUP Lopez had produced and whose lives have transformed from nothing to something—from nobody to somebody today.

As a commitment, it will continue to be an avenue for all unprivileged but deserving students in realizing their ambitions. Armed with a pool of high-caliber Faculty, dedicated Administrative Staff, and a supportive Administration, we will always foster a positive insight to inspire people and the young minds of today’s generation.

 “Serving the academe through productive innovations and good governance”

Rufo N. Bueza, MPA
Director and Head, Academic Programs

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