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PUP Lopez Branch was established in February 13, 1979 during the Presidency of Dr. Pablo T. Mateo, Jr. At that time, Philippine Normal College (now PNU) and Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science & Technology (EARIST) were then in consortia with PUP Lopez.

PUP Lopez Branch came into existence when Southern Pacific College, a private college, owned by the heirs of the late Don Gregorio C. Yumul, Sr., donated the site and the school buildings with all the facilities therein. There was one concrete three-storey with 21 classrooms and another two-storey building made of wood, which housed the library, the faculty rooms and administrative offices. The site with total land area of 23,724 square meters is located at Yumul St., Brgy. Del Pilar (now Brgy. Burgos), Lopez, Quezon.

For its initial year of operation (1979-1980), PUP Lopez had 44 full-time and part-time faculty including the high school faculty members. It offered (1) Bachelor in Accountancy (BA) (now Bachelor of Science in Accountancy), (2) Bachelor in Business Management (BBM) (now Bachelor of Science in Business Administration), (3) Bachelor in Office Administration (BOA) (now Bachelor of Science in Office Administration), (4) Bachelor in Library Arts (BLA), and (5) Bachelor in Applied Economics (BAE). The first Director was Atty. Juan T. Publico. New enrollees were admitted but the high school students of the former SPC were absorbed as initial students of PUP Laboratory High School. The high school department became the laboratory of the Bachelor in Business Teacher Education Students. The Philippine Normal College (PNC), headed by Prof. Feliza M. Magondayao, offered Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (BSEEd) while Eulogio Amang Rodriguez Institute of Science and Technology (EARIST) headed by Prof. Jose Baysa offered short term vocational-technical courses like Coconut Technology and Practical Chemistry. A couple of years later, EARIST terminated its consortium with PUP Lopez.

BLA and BAE were phased out and a new course, Bachelor in Agri-Business Management (BAM) (now Bachelor of Science in Agri-Business Management) was offered.

Dr. Nemesio E. Prudente assumed his office as the next President in 1987. During his term, he put up a gymnasium where socio-cultural as well as sports and Physical Education activities were held. This was destroyed by super typhoon “Rosing” in November 1995. A new 2-storey concrete building was also built in place of the old wooden building that housed the library at the second floor and administrative offices at the first floor. It was during his time when additional two courses were offered. One was Bachelor in Computer Data Processing Management (BCDPM) and another, Bachelor in Business Education (now BBTE). The former did not last long. It was phased out due to lack of computer machines and facilities. The latter existed till the present time.

In 1990, Dr. Prudente offered two new courses; Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) and Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering (BSEE). During the same year, he and Dr. Samuel M. Salvador, then Vice President for Branches, introduced and started the operation of Pamantasang Bayan, which offered free vocational-technical courses for the out-of-school youth and adults alike. This was followed by offering distance education course, Master in Educational Management (MEM) through the Open University Education Program. The chief architect, the grand designer of the Open University System was Dr. Samuel M. Salvador, formerly the Officer-In-Charge of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines from 2003 to 2004 and Acting President from 2004 to 2006.

In the same year, an additional lot of 15,919 square meters on the other side of the creek was purchased. Here the high school building was built which was donated by former Congressman Manolit O. Lavides, Senator Raul Roco and former Senator Wigberto E. Tañada.

In 1991, Dr. Prudente established the Bondoc Peninsula Mayors Scholarship Foundation Inc. through a Memorandum of Agreement between him and the Mayors of the Municipalities of the Bondoc Peninsula. Dr. Ofelia M. Carague, then Vice President for Academic Affairs was a witness in the historic signing of the MOA.

The Pamantasang Bayan vocational-technical course--General Secretarial Course--was offered free in Lopez, Gumaca, Calauag, Tagkawayan and Guinayangan municipalities. Its operation continued until the time of Dr. Zenaida A. Olonan when budgetary constraints led to its demise. However, there was still one municipality left, which continues its support in its operation--the municipality of Lopez under the administration of then Mayor Joel E. Arago and lasted until 2006 when Mayor Isaias B. Ubana II supported the offering of Office Management Technology (OMT), a one-year voch-tech program that replaced the offering of General Secretarial Course. The offering of OMT lasted until 2010. In 1993, PNU transferred to Lopez National Comprehensive High School campus at Brgy. Magsaysay, Lopez, Quezon after the MOA between PUP and PNU expired.

When Dr. Ofelia M. Carague became President in November, 1998, she ordered the construction of a new gymnasium on the same site where the gymnasium built by Dr. Prudente was destroyed by typhoon Rosing in 1995. The construction of the gymnasium was supervised by PUP Special Project Office under its Director Engr. Marivic R. Montelayola. It became fully operational in September, 2001.

In 1999, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) ordered the gradual phase out of PUP Lopez laboratory high school. The last batch graduated on April 6, 2003.

In 2001, Congresswoman Georgilu R. Yumul-Hermida donated a concrete 2-storey 12 –classroom building for academic purposes. It is where the laboratory rooms for our Civil and Electrical courses are being housed.

The initial operation of the Tissue culture Laboratory for BSAM students started in 2003. That same year, the Branch took a big leap in keeping pace with the trend in Information Technology by establishing one computer laboratory equipped with 10 computer sets for instructional purposes. Offices also started to adopt the computerization system and to be connected to internet and websites. In the same year the Branch served as host of the Inter Branch Sports Competition.

The year 2004 was marked with a dramatic increase in the number of scholarship program coming from local and overseas sponsors and organizations. Reforestation project at the Lopez Water Utilities Watershed Area was also given attention. More improvements of the physical plant were done such as the leveling of oval grounds, renovation of the comfort rooms and concreting of the quadrangle.

In 2005, campus beautification effort was further enhanced with the launching of cleaning, greening and beautification program. Revision of the curriculum for BBA, BBTE, BOA, BSA, BSCE, BSAM and BSEE was done in preparation for accreditation. The signing of Memorandum of Agreement between the University President and Municipal Mayor for the offering of Office Management Technology (OMT) under Open University transpired in 2007. An additional classroom from the magnanimity of Sen. Jinggoy Estrada was also put up to accommodate the ever increasing number of student population.

It was in 2010 when the late Quezon Gov. Rafael P. Nantes donated a 2-storey building with 10 classrooms to augment the ever-increasing student population. Other major developments in instruction, extension services, facilities and resource generation continue to flourish. Among which are the illumination of the corridor along Yumul and Tañada buildings, the riprapping of the creek, putting up of kiosks where students can lounge during their free time and perimeter fencing are just among the many developments undertaken to foster high quality campus environment. In that same year, the Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management (BSHRM) was offered along with a three-year program, Diploma in Office Management Technology (DOMT).

In 2011, when the incumbent Director assumed his office by virtue of the provisions of Section 4 (g) of Republic Act 8292 and Board Resolution No. 539, s. 2007, clothed with Special Order No. 0026 s. 2011, he immediately outlined policies and guidelines that strengthened his mandate for the implementation of policies set by higher management. Different committees were formed and consultations were done to set the transparency in his term. As visionary as he is, he improved the linkage of PUP Lopez with the different national and local governmental units and non-governmental organizations to seek assistance in improving the facilities of the branch. He was able to request a single-storey building worth One Million Pesos from Representative Julieta R. Cortuna of A Teacher Party-list. This building is now being used as laboratory rooms of BSHRM students for food and beverage and housekeeping activities. Different equipment and tools were also donated to the school to form part of the learning process of students in civil, electrical engineering and agri-business management. He also made the whole school a wi-fi campus that helped a lot of students in their on-line inquiries and researches.

In the same year, to address the perennial problem met by education graduates of PUP Lopez, Bachelor in Secondary Education (BSEd) major in mathematics was offered replacing BBTE. Likewise, the Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management (BSHM) and the Diploma in Accounting Management Technology (DAMT) were also offered.

To help defray the expenses of the branch, he invited some business enthusiasts to put up a concessionaire building and do business inside campus. The monthly rentals are being augmented to finance the various projects for the continuing structural development of the Branch. Before the end of 2012, PUP Management blessed him with Php5,000,000.00 courtesy of Hon. Isaias B. Ubana II, PhD, who then sat as chairman of the PUP Board of Regents Finance Committee. The said amount was used in the partial rehabilitation of the PUP Lopez Gymnasium.

In June 2013, new courses were offered based from the needs of the community and industry. These are Bachelor in Public Administration (BPA) and another three-year program, Diploma in Electrical Engineering Technology (DEET) and Diploma in Information Communication Technology (DICT).

In just a short span of time, through the support given by PUP Officials and some public servants, he turned PUP Lopez into a competitive school in the community by offering additional academic programs and services suited to the needs of the society and improving basic facilities relevant to the study of the students. On November 2010, PUP Lopez made a significant historical event when it produced a topnotcher in Civil Engineering Licensure Examination in the person of Engr. Arvin B. Venzuela, who is now working at Maynilad, a water utility company based in Manila. And on 2013, PUP Lopez marked another milestone in the history of Board Examinations in Electrical and Civil Engineering when Engr. Mark Harry T. Reyes landed 9th Place and Engr. Kenneth B. Enopeques landed 5th Place respectively.

The following Officials served PUP Lopez Branch and considered boundless contributors in its continuing development as:

Laboratory High School Principals:

  1. Prof. Marcelita L. Jose - (1979-1980)
  2. Prof. Amando C. Sales - (1981-1985)
  3. Dr. Simplicia N. Sales - (1986-1987)
  4. Prof. Thelma D. Olaivar - (1988-1990)
  5. Prof. Rosalinda M. Florido - (1991-1997)
  6. Prof. Roberto C. Laguatan - (1997-1999)
  7. Prof. Rosalinda M. Florido - (1999- 2003)

Head of Academic Programs:

  1. Dr. Teresita U. Barros (General Educ.) - (1985-1995)
  2. Prof. Alicia V. Delos Santos (Business Educ.) - (1985-1995)
  3. Prof. Alicia V. Delos Santos - (1995-1997)
  4. Prof. Thelma D. Olaivar - (1997-1999)
  5. Prof. Alicia V. Delos Santos - (1999-2009)
  6. Prof. Rufo N. Bueza - (2009- 2011)
  7. Prof. Alicia V. Delos Santos - (January 7, 2012 to October 21, 2012)
  8. Prof. Rufo N. Bueza - October 21, 2012 to present

Branch Directors:

  1. Atty. Juan T. Publico (1979-1983)
  2. Dr. Simplicia N. Sales (1983-1995)
  3. Dr. Teresita U. Barros (1995-1999)
  4. Prof. Roberto C. Laguatan (1999- 2005)
  5. Prof. Alicia V. Delos Santos (2005- 2011)
  6. Prof. Rufo N. Bueza (2011- 2012)
  7. Prof. Alicia V. Delos Santos (January 7, 2012 up October 21, 2012)
  8. Prof. Rufo N. Bueza - October 21, 2012 to present
Right now, PUP Lopez continues its strong commitment to the public of delivering a quality services that would help society in the realization of its goals and ambitions.
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