PUP Lopez, Quezon Branch


To become the Premier Campus in the Region promoting quality and responsive academic programs through productive educational innovations and good governance.  


In consonance with the PUP philosophy, PUP Lopez Branch affirms and avows itself to be a major instrument for the development of the citizenry and the enhancement of nation building by providing quality education and producing seasoned individuals who are highly employable, productive, socially responsible and competent professionals.


As a State University, PUP Lopez believes that:

  • Education is an instrument for the development of the citizenry and the enhancement of national building;
  • Meaningful growth and transformation of the country are best achieved in an atmosphere of brotherhood, peace, freedom, justice and a nationalist-oriented education imbued with the spirit of humanist internationalism.

Goals and Objectives

As an avenue of learning in the countryside providing quality yet affordable education to the poor but deserving students not only in the Municipality of Lopez but in the entire Region IV, PUP Lopez commit itself to the realization of the following:

  • Adherence to the University admission and retention policies;
  • Promotion of graduate and undergraduate education which meet local and international standards of quality and excellence;
  • Provision of more equitable access and opportunities to higher education for all qualified and deserving students through professional public engagement;
  • Optimization, through efficiency and effectiveness, of social, institutional and individual returns and benefits derived from the utilization of higher education resources; and
  • Generation and transmission of knowledge in the broad range of disciplines relevant and responsive to the dynamically changing domestic and international environment.

Core Values

  •   God-Fearing
  •   Love for Humanity and Democracy
  •   Collegiality
  •   Integrity and Credibility
  •   Transparency and good governance
  •   Passion for innovative Learning
  •   Professionalism in Public Engagement
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