PUP sets up Lingap Komunidad Community Pantry

Jan Vincent Lanuza, News, Communication Management Office


In the spirit of bayanihan and of the growing initiatives of the Community Pantry programs all across the country, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines set up PUP Lingap Komunidad Community Pantry, located at the main gate of PUP Sta. Mesa Campus on April 23. 

The University, with its Lingap Komunidad Extension Project organized by the Extension Management Office (EMO) Community Relations and Public Services and in partnership with the University Center for Culture and the Arts (UCCA) set up their own community pantry in their bid to help struggling students, employees, faculty members, and people living at the adopted barangays situated around PUP.

Born from the initiative of Ana Patricia Non when she set up the Maginhawa Community Pantry at Maginhawa Street, Quezon City to help residents who were left deeply troubled by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic with the mantra, “Magbigay ayon sa kakayahan, kumuha batay sa pangangailangan”, this idea caught on and multiple pantries are now being made all across the Philippines, reaching even Timor Leste.

Aira Austria, Chief of the Community Relations and Outreach Services and the organizer of the University’s Community Pantry, mentioned that this type of community drive had been existing in their activities for a long time, but due to the timely trend of Community Pantries, it now garnered a lot of attention.

Austria commended the various donors that helped their Community Pantry, namely PUP Executive Officials, administrative employees, faculty members, alumni, students, anonymous donors, who all exemplified the spirit of bayanihan and line of the PUP Hymn “Mula sa’yo, para sa bayan” and her group will continue to look for more donors to continuously sustain it. 

“Ang Sintang Paaralan ay ang pamantasang una sa pagtulong, pamantasang una sa pagmamalasakit”, she added.

Following the first day success of their program, she said that they will look into logistics first before setting up the best course of action on the next opening day but they will do their best to open it from Monday to Friday.

“If you aim na makatulong sa mga kapwa natin na nangangailangan. For as long ay nandoon ka sa spirit ng pagtulong, sige lang. Go lang. As long as nasa puso ang pagtulong mo and drive to help other people”, Austria encouraged everyone who plans to create their own community pantries.

The PUP Lingap Komunidad Community Pantry will begin at 10 AM and will remain open until their supplies run out for the day. Currently, there are three PUP Lingap Komunidad Community Pantries that have been set up by the University. The other two are at the Institute of Technology Building in Pureza and at PUP Mulanay, Quezon

Donations are open for the sustenance of the PUP Lingap Komunidad Community Pantry. For anyone wishing to donate, one can proceed or can be sent to the main gate of the PUP Sta. Mesa Campus or to contact this number:

Asst. Professor Aira Austria

Chief, Community Relations and Outreach Services


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