DZ1PUP hailed as Continental Leader in an International Radiosports

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MANILA - The official amateur radio club of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines, the Radio Engineering Circle with the radio station callsign of DZ1PUP won as the continental leader (Oceania) in this year’s All Asian DX Contest - Single Side Band category. 

The team garnered 50,400 points from its 301 QSOs (radio contacts) with amateur radio stations all over Asia. 

The team was composed of the following radio operators: 

-Veronica Jane A. Majabague, 2nd year student of PUP BS Electronics Engineering and the president of Manila student section of Radio Engineering Circle, DZ1PUP 

-Engr. Gerhard P. Tan, Associate Professor in the College of Engineering, Institute of Technology and Graduate School and the adviser of the Radio Engineering Circle 

-Engr. Patrick Jiorgen U. Hulipas, Instructor in Institute of Technology and President of the Radio Engineering Circle, Inc. 

-Engr. John R. Dela Cruz, Assistant Professor in the College of Engineering and Graduate School 

-Engr. Efril G. Pecson, Alumna, PUP BS Industrial Engineering Batch 2020

-Engr. Jaddie K. Lorzano, Alumnus, PUP BS Electronics Engineering Batch 2019 

-Engr. April I. Calabia, Alumna, PUP BS Electronics Engineering Batch 2010 

-Engr. Ornan S. Vicente, Vice Chairman of the Radio Engineering Circle, Inc. 

Due to the pandemic, the team temporarily set up their amateur radio station inside the transmitter facility of Quest Broadcasting in Antipolo City and joined the contest on September 5-7, 2020. 

Japan Amateur Radio League, the contest organizer, published the results in their website last March 18, 2021. 

Also, there are forty-six (46) Filipino amateur radio stations who joined the contest. 

All Asian DX Contest, a yearly international radiosports event supported by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, aims to develop the skills of the participants in setting up a two-way radio station and contacting amateur radio stations around the world using experimental antennas and equipment. PUP is one of the few universities in the Philippines that has an active student amateur radio organization that has the capability of High Frequency (HF) communications. 

This kind of activity prepares PUP students and faculty when having a reliable mode of wireless communication is necessary to respond in the events of emergency and disaster. The Radio Engineering Circle supports the goal of the university to be a disaster-resilient community.

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