PUP-DOJ ties-up with US Embassy on Fake News Advocacy

Butch Azul, News, Department of Journalism

The PUP-Department of Journalism (DOJ) in cooperation with the US Embassy, spearheaded a seminar titled “Getting Real on Fake News” with Dr. Stephanie Edgerly as speaker, held on November 6, 2018, at the Bulwagang Bonifacio, PUP-NALLRC Building. 

Dr. Edgerly is an associate professor from the Medill School of Journalism Northwestern University, one of the top Journalism schools based in Chicago, USA. She is also an active member of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) and International Communication Association (ICA). She is currently working on various research projects; identifying the factors that shape judgments about “fake news”, and recognizing the verification process people employ to fact-check news claims. She is also involved in a multi-year study examining the political and news socialization of adolescents and young adults. 

Dr. Edgerly discussed how the social media has become an avenue for people to spread fake news nowadays.  She also explained that everyone is vulnerable since we all have the tendency to believe in things, especially when it supports our viewpoint and makes us feel good about ourselves and what we believe in. “Find out the truth and share it,” this was her plea to everyone who listened to her talk. 

DOJ Chairperson Hemmady Mora expressed her gratitude to the US Embassy for co-sponsoring the free expert lecture, which was very timely and significant, not only to the Journalism and Communication students of PUP, but to the general public as well.

Prof. Lailani Tevez served as the Master of Ceremony with BAJ 3-1 students as overall program coordinators. The event was graced by Assistant to the Vice President for Academic Affairs Edelyn Mariano, Office of International Affairs Director Maria Teresa Villar, and Public Affairs Section Head of the US Embassy in the Philippines, Yolanda De Guzman. Among the panel reactors were Open University Broadcast Communication Chairperson Rudolf Lacerna and COC Student Council President John Christoper Lara.

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