PUP-wide virtual development planning held

Emy Ruth Gianan, News, CMO, IDP, November 2020

PUP-wide virtual development planning held 

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP) held its first virtual Institutional Development Planning (IDP) from November 5-10, 2020 via Zoom. Executive officials led by President Dr. Manuel M. Muhi spearheaded the activity, with each sector and office coming up with action plans to help spur the President’s vision of a National Polytechnic University.

The planning began with the President reiterating his 10 Pillars Reform Agenda during the first day. To wit:

• Pillar 1: Dynamic, Transformational, and Responsible Leadership

• Pillar 2: Responsive and Innovative Curricula and Instruction

• Pillar 3: Enabling and Productive Learning Environment

• Pillar 4: Holistic Student Development and Engagement

• Pillar 5: Empowered Faculty Members and Employees

• Pillar 6: Vigorous Research Production and Utilization

• Pillar 7: Global Academic Standards and Excellence

• Pillar 8: Synergistic, Productive, Strategic Networks and Partnerships

• Pillar 9: Active and Sustained Stakeholders’ Engagement

• Pillar 10: Sustainable Social Development Programs and Projects

In the afternoon, the first breakout session of action planning among the different sectors were conducted. A short sharing session was provided during the afternoon plenary session before adjourning for the day.

For the second day, Executive Vice President Alberto Guillo recapped the activities in the previous day. This was followed by presentations on the University’s Budget Plan & Utilization from Ms. Rene Imperial, Director of the Budget Services Office and Assistant to the Vice President for Research, Extension, and Development (AVPRED) Mr. Tomas Testor. A vigorous open forum ensued after the presentation, with questions ranging from ensuring more efficient budget utilization among offices, improved communications among offices and to branches and campuses with regards to approved budgets, and other administrative concerns relative to the budget.

The third and fourth days of IDP were provided for office action planning. Filled out action plans and necessary attachments would have to be submitted to their respective sectoral heads for integration and easy reference. ###

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