PUP Unisan distributes face shields, face masks

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The Polytechnic University of the Philippines Unisan Branch distributed face masks, face shields, alcohol, and soap to its adopted community on April 26, 2021. 

Gawad Kalinga Housing in Ibabang Kalilayan, Unisan, the community beneficiary, is one of the adopted communities of PUP Unisan, which houses 17 families. 

Dubbed as PADYAK PROTEKSYON, the initiative aims to help minimize the risk and exposure of the community to COVID-19. 

Aside from providing face masks, face shields, alcohol, and soap, the PUP Unisan branch also helped the community by providing food items to the residents through their mobile version of the community pantry. 

The project was made possible with the help and donations of PUP officials, faculty members, and administrative staff. 


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