PUP continues COVID-19 assistance to frontliners, affected communities

Emy Ruth Gianan, News, Communication Management Office

Various relief efforts of the University, across all its Luzon branches and campuses, continued amid the extended enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) due to the coronavirus pandemic. These include continued ethyl alcohol production and distribution. Teams from the College of Engineering (CE) and Architecture and Fine Arts (CAFA) have also commenced production and distribution of faceshields. Other services include: food and transportation assistance to students stranded near the Sta. Mesa Campus and free e-counselling support.  

Ethyl alcohol and faceshields production and distribution to frontliners 

The Institute for Science and Technology Research (ISTR) produced 487.5 liters for its second cycle, with 432.5 liters already distributed to hospitals and frontline groups. A new team of engineers and student-volunteers distributed 180 pieces of faceshields to 17 frontline agencies and offices. In a report submitted to the Commission on Higher Education (CHED), recipients of the faceshields as of April 17 Friday include: six (6) barangay and city government offices, two (2) hospitals, three (3) government agencies, and four (4) PUP frontliner teams.  

Funding support for both ethyl alcohol and faceshields production came from the University and donations from private groups. The Intellectual Property Management Office (IPMO) headed by its Director, Dr. Ginno L. Andres created the team that produced the faceshields for distribution, while Dr. Armin S. Coronado, Head of the Institute for Science and Technology Research (ISTR) led the production of ethyl alcohol. 

Food and transportation assistance to students, janitors 

Students stranded within the vicinity of the Sta. Mesa Campus received food and transportation assistance. A total of 829 relief packs have been distributed from March 23 to April 17. 101 janitors serving the University were also provided food packs. We extend deep gratitude to individual donors and private, non-government groups who expanded the University’s food assistance: SM Foundation, GMA Foundation, CAFA Alumni, College of Science Alumni Association, ISKOvid19, Manila Infinity Lions Club, Manila Young Achievers Lions Club, Architect J.E. Santos, Grandmaster Benjie Esquivel of Gran Logia Nacional de Filipinas, and PUP faculty and administrators.  

There have also been three (3) cycles of transportation assistance to students who wish to go home. A total of 21 students have already been served, while another 26 students would be transported to their hometowns on April 21. This has been possible through the University’s partnership with the Civil Relations Group of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).  

E-counselling services to the community 

Meanwhile, the University’s Department of Psychology and Guidance Counselling Services Office also provided e-counselling to individuals in need of mental health support. Dr. John Mark Distor, Chairperson of the Psychology Department, shared that 33 individuals were given counselling support as of current. Majority of the clients are students of the university, while several others are from government agencies and the private sector.  

Many clients experience anxiety (80%), while 51.4% were driven by several stressors. 45.7% experience various fears, and 37.1% expressed different mental health concerns such as academic issues, depression, suicidal tendencies, and health issues. Most counselees relied on Facebook Messenger and text messages to render counselling services.  

The University will continue these services throughout the quarantine period. ###


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