“We cannot detach our personal life on the global context lest we lose our spot in the academic community. The PUP must be an epistemic community – an institution that produces and manages knowledge – for it to become relevant in the world.”


Message from the President

Hon. Emanuel C. De Guzman, Ph.DWarmest greetings to all!

The Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), our Sintang Paaralan, welcomes you as you embark on a journey to academic excellence and personal and professional growth. For your information, around 50,000 students regularly take our entrance tests but we only accept around 7,000 to 8,000 freshmen. You are part of this new batch of Iskolar ng Bayan and for this you deserve a rousing congratulation.

Allow me to tell you that this is an interesting and fortunate time to be a freshman in this University – the first polytechnic university in the country.

First, the University continues to charge P12.00 per unit in tuition in the undergraduate courses except in the Institute of Technology. Since the start of my term, I have committed that there will be no tuition increase in the undergraduate courses until my presidency expires. This commitment is consistent with our mission and vision to make PUP the genuine home of scholars, the great educational institution which offers affordable quality education to the sons and daughters of the poorest families of our country.

In our drive to produce the best graduates and alumni, we continue to score outstandingly in the various professional licensure examinations, particularly in Engineering, Accountancy, and Nutrition and Dietetics.  It is also this pursuit to achieve academic excellence that PUP’s Journalism and the Batsilyer ng Artes sa Filipinolohiya programs were recently awarded as Centers of Development (COD) by the Commission on Higher Education (CHED).

We are also happy that PUP was also recently included in the QS World University Rankings regarding subjects offered in Natural Sciences, Economics and Econometrics and Communication and Media Studies.

We are also proud to announce that your batch will see and enjoy the physical rehabilitation that the Administration has done in the past few months. You can now use our newly-renovated classrooms, comfort rooms and mini-libraries.  You will also witness the rehabilitated PUP Oval, swimming pool, tennis court, Alex Marteja Hall and Bulwagang Bonifacio and Balagtas.

Meanwhile, to ensure quality instructional materials for students, we in the Administration will personally monitor the studies and reports of the Quality Evaluation Team regarding books and other reading materials that will be used in classrooms.

I also would like to register that I am in the second year of my term as president of this university. Like what I requested last year to the freshmen, I encourage everyone to study my 8-point Agenda so that you can help me in guiding and leading the university. I need all the support that I can get for transforming the PUP into an epistemic community or a network of knowledge-based experts who help decision-makers to define the problems they face, identify various policy solutions and assess the policy outcomes.

We would also like to reiterate that a liberal atmosphere exists in the university, wherein ideological, political, cultural and religious beliefs are upheld and respected. We also encourage everybody to join any student organization that you like but such undertakings must neither interfere with nor be a reason to neglect your studies and other academic pursuits.

For your parents, our country, our university, our world and for yourselves, please study hard. Make us proud of what you will accomplish here in the university.

Again, congratulations and welcome PUPians.

Emanuel C. De Guzman, Ph.D
PUP President

The President's Report
The PUP Community's Accomplishments covering the period from March 2012 to March 2013
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