Intellectual Property Management Office

The Intellectual Property Management Office (IPMO) provides assistance to researchers to secure attractive returns in the long term from the bulk of valuable research outcomes and intellectual property. It also assists researchers in identifying possible partners within the academe, other businesses and investors to promote translation of research innovations into new products through advice and support for early stage research and development. The IPMO provides a portfolio of new technologies created through University research for licensing or collaborative development.

Copyright Registration Application Procedure

As approved in the 141st Regular Meeting of the University Board of Regents and pursuant to the PUP Memorandum Order No. 031, series of 2013, all academic works (theses, dissertations, feasibility studies, design prototypes, computer programs and softwares, audiovisual and cinematographic works, literary and creative works, etc.) submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements of undergraduate and graduate courses in the University shall be applied for Copyright Registration with the Polytechnic University of the Philippines as copyright co-owner. The following is the procedure for copyright registration application:

Step 1: Secure the Application Form and Affidavit of Copyright Co-ownership from the Intellectual Property Management Office (IPMO) at S-424, or the Innovation and Technology Commercialization Office (ITSO) at S-423, or download it from the PUP website at . Note that the application for copyright registration of works in science, engineering and information technology shall be handled by ITSO. All the rest shall be coursed through the IPMO.

Step 2: Fill out the forms. For theses/dissertations and other works authored by student/s and submitted to the Polytechnic University of the Philippines in partial fulfillment of the requirements of a course/program, the University must be named as copyright co-owner. The author/s must accomplish/sign the Affidavit on Copyright Co-ownership with the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

Step 3: Have the accomplished Application Form and Affidavit on Copyright Co-ownership duly notarized.

Step 4: Proceed to the Accounting Office for the Order of Payment.

Step 5: Pay the copyright application fee at the Cashier’s Office.

Step 6: Submit the following to IPMO or ITSO:

  1. Triplicate copies of the notarized Application Form;
  2. Triplicate copies of the Affidavit of Copyright Co-ownership;
  3. Duplicate copies of the document/s (hardbound or softcopy) as deposit to the National Library of the Philippines;
  4. Technical description of the design, if the work applied for registration is an original ornamental design (classification H); and
  5. Official receipt of filing fee from PUP.

Step 7: IPMO/ITSO shall acknowledge the submission of the application, and advise the author/s to return on a specified date to claim the Certificate of Copyright Registration issued by the National Library of the Philippines.


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