Office of the Student Services

The Office of the Student Services (OSS) provides student personnel services such as Scholarship and Financial Assistance and Student Affairs Program, and develops programs to achieve the maximum holistic development of PUP students.

Mabuhay Iskolar ng Bayan!

The Office of the Student Services is concerned with non-academic experiences of students in the areas of Student Affairs and Services and Institutional Student Programs and Services to facilitate holistic student development. The Office provides services and programs that relate to student welfare and student development such as: (1) Information and Orientation Service, (2) Guidance and Counseling Services, (3) Career and Placement Services, (4) Student Handbook Development, (5) Leadership Training and Development Programs, (6) Student Organizations and Activities Services, (7) Student Council/Government, (8) Student Discipline, (9) Student Publication, (10) Scholarships and Financial Assistance, (11) Cultural Programs, (12) Social and Community Involvement Programs, (13) Research, and (14) Monitoring and Evaluation on Student Affairs and Services.

As a state university, the Polytechnic University of the Philippines believes that:  “(a) Education is an instrument for the development of the citizenry and for the enhancement of nation building; and (b) Meaningful growth and transformation of the country are best achieved in an atmosphere of brotherhood, peace, freedom, justice and a nationalist-oriented education imbued with the spirit of humanist internationalism.”

In the light of existing PUP Philosophy and guided by the current administration’s vision “Clearing the paths while laying new foundations to transform the Polytechnic University of the Philippines into an epistemic community”, the Office of the Student Services embarks on serving the students in fostering and maintaining healthy social relationships through various services and programs to optimize the development of the students’ potentials and the full utilization of their abilities in the hope of producing productive and responsible citizens who shall be able to contribute positively to the progress and development of the country, and to the upliftment of humanity.

In the service of the studentry and Sintang Paaralan for the glory of God and the country!

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