Scholarship and Financial Assistance Services


The Scholarship and Financial Assistance Service (SFAS) at its founding in 1970, had no office of its own. Mrs. Soledad S. Orlina used the Alumni Association Office to process grants provided to academic scholars. It was during the time of Prof. Lydia Uyan (1977-1986) as coordinator that OSFA became an independent unit.

Reinstated President, Dr. Nemesio E. Prudente, designated Prof. Loreto Jao as chief of the office from 1987 to 1992. Other chiefs were Prof. Julita Gomez, Prof. Cecilia OrtaƱez, Dr. Milagros Morales, Dir. Albino Amoguis, Prof. Maripres Pascua, Dr. Evengeline De Jesus, Prof. Merlita Tamayo, Prof. Malaya Abadilla-Ygot and Prof. Cristalina R. Piers.

The SFAS is currently hrade by Prof. Lailanie G. Teves.

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