Scholarship and Financial Assistance Services


The Scholarship and Financial Assistance Services (SFAS) envisions itself as instrumental in improving the quality of life of PUP students who though lacking the needed resources, merit pursuing academic careers.


The Scholarship and Financial Assistance Services (SFAS) commits itself to coordinate, systematize and professionalize the administration of the University’s scholarship and financial assistance programs for the economically disadvantaged but talented and deserving students in the main campus and its branches and extensions.

To accomplish this mission, the SFAS shall recommend guidelines and policies pertaining to scholarships and financial assistance in order to:

  • Democratize access to a meaningful education in the form of grants-in-aid that benefit PUP students;
  • Provide opportunities for part-time work for students to meet their everyday expenses;
  • Extend scholarship programs to students who meet the specific requirements;
  • Provide guidance to academic scholars through the Kapatiran ng Talino at Galing (KATAGA), an association of PUP scholars.
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