Bachelor of Arts in Theater Arts (ABTA)

The degree program, AB Theater Arts is grounded in the Humanities and Philosophy and the Arts synthesized with craftsmanship, science and management. AB Theater Arts demands critical analysis, imagination, creativity, artistry, and skills. Thus, this program keeps abreast with the current and emerging environment, nationally and globally. Core competencies are keyed on efficient, effective, and creative acting, direction, producing, scriptwriting/playwriting, design and technical management. The AB Theater Arts program takes on the challenge of developing the future career of its target takers who are keen on inter-disciplinary school of thoughts in theater. Significantly, while the program updates with global theater nuances, the program also promotes Philippine Theater anchored on the appreciation of Filipino values, culture and arts.

Objectives of the Program

The AB Theater Arts Program aims to:


  • Familiarize the students with the principles, theories, and philosophies of acting, directing, producing, scriptwriting/playwriting, design, and technical management;
  • Expose the students to the historical developments, school of thoughts, movements, and styles of World Theater; and
  • Imbue the students with knowledge that theater is a catalyst for social transformation and national progress.


  • Develop the students’ appreciation of drama, theater and other related arts;
  • Enhance the students’ love and passion for imaginative, creative, artistic and meaningful theater activities and production; and
  • Instill and strengthen pride among the students, their cultural heritage through the immediacy of Filipino Theater


  • Provide the avenues for the students to apply the skills learned in actual theater productions;
  • Hone the students’ artistic skills in pursuit of careers in theater, cinema, television,, and radio
  • Challenge the students to undertake research studies on indigenous dramas, emerging Philippine theater and various related art forms.

Admission Requirements

The applicant must have:

  1. Passed the PUP College Entrance Exam (PUPCET)
  2. A High School Average of at least 85% and above; and
  3. Passed the interview of a panel composed of AB Theater Arts Faculty members.

Retention Requirements

The students shall submit themselves to all university policies and guidelines on retention requirements as stipulated in the PUP Student Handbook.

Graduation Requirements

The students shall submit themselves to all university policies and guidelines on retention requirements as stipulated in the PUP Student Handbook.

Job Targets

  • Theater, Radio-TV and Movie Actor/Actress
  • Theater, Radio, and Movie Costumes and Props Master/Mistress
  • Commercial Model/Talent
  • Talent Manager
  • TV Floor Director
  • Events Manager and Organizer
  • Acting Coach or Private Acting Tutor
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Radio and Sound Effects Technician
  • Theater, Radio, TV and Movie Sounds & Lights Technician
  • Theater Stage Manager
  • Theater, Movie, and TV Set Designer
  • Product Development Consultant or Designer
  • Theater Manager
  • Graphic Artist
  • Audio Visual Producers
  • Events Stylist
  • Theater, TV and Radio Director
  • Theater, TV/Radio and Movie Production Manager
  • Theater, TV/Radio and Movie Assistant Director
  • Theater, TV/Radio and Movie Assistant Production Manager
  • Theater Arts of Drama Teacher
  • Theater, TV/Radio and Movie Musical Director
  • Theater, TV/Radio and Movie Playwright/ Scriptwriter /Screenplay Writer
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