Guidelines for ePermit Photo

In today’s world, your safety plays a critical role in everyday transaction. This includes not only your files, documents, gadgets and the like, but also the safety of your identity. An ID photo helps protect and ensure the authenticity of your Test Permit. PUP iApply lets you upload your ID photo so that you need not come to the campus personally and you will save on cumulative expenses (such as transportation fare, food), and time/energy (falling-in-line).

To make your application easy and hassle-free, we recommended that you prepare your ID photo before applying online.

Required Photo

  • 2 x 2 inch, colored photo with white background
  • Formal pose with collar and no eyeglasses or any accessories that may cover the facial features
  • Taken in the past seven (7) days prior to filing of online application
  • With complete, readable name tag following this format: First Name, Middle Name, and Last Name (as indicated in your NSO-copy of Birth Certificate) positioned at the chest


The following sample photos are acceptable:
Sample Photo 1

1 line name tag
Sample Photo 2
If your complete name is too long to fit the name tag in 1 line, you can write it in 2 lines
The following sample photos are not acceptable:  
Wrong photo
Photos that have a background view/scene
Wrong photo
 Side shot, top shot (bird's-eye view)
Wrong photo
 bottom shot (worm's-eye view)
Wrong photo
 Unreadable name tag
Wrong photo
 Name tag with abbreviated name or initials
Wrong photo
Scanned whole page
  • Blurred photos
  • Wacky/non-formal shot
  • Group shot
  • Landscape, sceneries, animals, material objects, body parts, memes

Required File Format

  • Your ID photo must be saved as a JPEG file format (.jpg or .jpeg)
  • File size must not be more than 300 kilobytes
  • You must save your photo in your computer or USB device/drive

Here are some helpful articles on how to crop/resize/save your photo into a JPEG file:

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