College Admission Evaluation of PUP for the Open University System (CAEPUP-OUS)

See also: CAEPUP-OUS information

PDF FormatPUP iApply generates your Application Form in PDF (Portable Document Format).
Most modern browsers and devices can open a PDF file.

IMPORTANT: Only the applicant can register and apply online.

Please prepare the scanned, clear copies of the following items saved as JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg and file size is not more than 300 kilobytes) in your computer, USB or device before applying online:

  1. Go to the PUP iApply for CAEPUP-OUS page ( and read the information provided
  2. Click Apply Now. This will take you to PUP iApply
  3. Click Register Here to create your account
  4. Read the service agreement and click the I have read... button then, on the next page, select CAEPUP-OUS to begin creating an account
  5. Answer the prequalification questions to determine if you qualify for CAEPUP, then click Next
  6. Fill up the registration form. Type or select the required information in the form:
    1. Be sure that the information (particularly your name and date of birth) in the application must be the same as indicated in your PSA birth certificate
    2. Make sure the e-mail address that you will provide in the application is active, correct, and is not used on previous PUP iApply applications. The applicant’s email address must be used in this transaction
    3. Use a very strong password (characters, numbers, capital letters, special characters) and remember it always. You can only have one (1) account per application

      NOTE: Any misrepresentations (or giving false/incorrect information) in your online application will automatically invalidate your admission in the University
  7. Click Submit to create your account and sign in again
  8. Upon successful sign in, you will be taken to the PUP iApply Applicant’s page where you can have the following options:
    1. Fill-up, update, or complete my application form
      1. Complete your online application by typing and selecting the required information in the form
      2. Check the Yes, I have read and understood... box
      3. Type your complete name in the Digital Signature
      4. Type the characters in the Digital Security Code.
      5. Click Review if you need to make necessary changes
      6. Click Save for Now to save your application form and make updates later
    2. Finalize and submit my application form. If you have finished updating your online application form, click this option to lock the form and submit your application for evaluation of the University Admission Services
    3. Generate Application Form. If your online application form is finalized, you may click this option to download your system-generated Application Form. Please allow five to seven (5-7) workdays after finalizing your application before generating your Application Form. You may encounter the following message from the system:
      1. Application Successful. If you see this message, you may download your system-generated Application Form. Click Save or Open when your browser asks you. This will download your Application Form that you may print in color for your personal printed copy
      2. Important Notes for admission requirements... If you see this message, your qualifications did not meet the requirements of the PUP Open University System for undergraduate programs
      3. Your photo or document was disapproved. If you see this message, the photo or report card you uploaded did not meet the proper and required format:
        ii.1. Click the link provided. This will take you to the Upload page.
        ii.2. Choose a new photo or report card with the correct format and click the Submit button. This will upload your new photo/report card to the system, which will be reviewed by an Admission Officer.

        Please allow three to five (3-5) workdays for photo/document validation. After 3-5 workdays, sign-in to your account again.

        Note: To avoid inconvenience and further delays, please upload a scanned clear copy of your photo or report card in the correct format.
    4. Sign out. Always sign out from the PUP iApply after using it. Use your email address and password to sign in to your account again.

Submission of Required Documents

You may submit via email. Note: NO VALID DOCUMENTS, NO PROCESSING

  1. Email to all the required documents. Kindly use this template as your email subject: CAEPUP-OUS_Desired Program_Surname (example: CAEPUP-OUS_BSBAHRM_DelaCruz)
  2. List of documents to be submitted:
    1. PUP iApply Application Form
    2. Letter of intent addressed to OUS Executive Director, Dr. Carmencita L. Castolo
    3. School credentials from the LAST SCHOOL ATTENDED
      • For college undergraduate, Transcript of Records.
      • For technical school graduate and undergraduate, Transcript of Records.
      • For High School graduate, Form 137-A and Form 138.
      • For ALS/PEPT completers, ALS/PEPT Certificate of Completion and Result and Diploma
    4. PSA Birth Certificate
    5. PSA Marriage Certificate (for those female applicants who opt to use their husband’s name)
    6. Certificate of Employment
    7. Accomplished Recommendation for Admission (Download the form)
    8. NBI/Police Clearance (if unemployed)
    9. 2x2 picture in formal attire with white background


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