Graduate Studies Entrance Examination for the College of Political Science and Public Administration (PUPGSEE-CPSPA)

PDF FormatPUP iApply generates your ePermit in PDF (Portable Document Format).
Most modern browsers and devices can open a PDF file.

A FRIENDLY REMINDER: Please prepare the scanned, clear copies of your 2 x 2-inch colored photo with name tag (read Guidelines for Application Photo) saved as JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg and file size is not more than 300 kilobytes) in your computer, USB or device before applying online.

  1. Go to the PUP iApply for PUPGSEE page and read the information provided,
  2. Click Apply Now. This will take you to PUP iApply.
  3. Click Register to create your account.
  4. Read the service agreement and click the I have read... button to begin your online application.
  5. Select GSEE-CPSPA, then click Next.
  6. Fill up the online form. Type or select the required information. 
    1. Be sure that the information (particularly your name and date of birth) in the application must be the same as indicated in your PSA birth certificate and/or your PSA Certificate of Marriage (for married female applicants)
    2. Make sure the e-mail address that you will provide in the application is active, correct, and has not been used in previous PUP iApply applications. The applicant’s email address must be used in this transaction.
    3. Use a very strong password (at least 1 small letter, 1 Capital letter, number, and special character) and remember it always. You can only have one (1) account for one (1) application.
    4. NOTE: Any misrepresentations (or giving false/incorrect information) in your online application will automatically invalidate your admission in the University.
    5. Click Submit and sign in again.
  7. After a successful sign in, you will be taken to the PUP iApply Applicant’s page where you can have the following options:
    1. Fill-up, Edit, or Complete Application Form
      1. Complete your online application by typing and selecting the required information in the form
      2. Check the Yes, I have read and understood... box
      3. Type your complete name in the Digital Signature
      4. Type the characters displayed in the Digital Security Code
      5. Click Review if you need to make necessary changes
      6. Click Save for Now if you want to save your information and make updates later
    2. Finalize Application. If you have finished updating your online form, click this option to lock the form and submit your application.
    3. Print Payment Voucher. If your online application is finalized, you may click this option to download your system-generated payment voucher.

      IMPORTANT:  A printed copy of your payment voucher must be presented to the PUP Cashier when you pay the Examination Fee and the CPSPA Graduate Studies Admission Officer. See Payment and Submission of Required Documents section below.
    4. Get ePermit. You may encounter the following messages from the system:
      1. Your application is still queued for validation. Please allow three to five (3-5) workdays after submitting your scanned official receipt, payment voucher, and required documents before getting your ePermit.
      2. Your ePermit has been generated. If you see this message, your web browser/device will download your system-generated ePermit. Click Save or Open when prompted. You may print in color for your personal printed copy.
      3. Your photo was disapproved. If you see this message, the photo you uploaded did not meet the proper and required format:
        iii.1. Click the link provided. This will take you to the Upload page.
        iii.2. Choose a new photo with the correct format and click the Submit button. This will upload your new photo to the system, which will be reviewed by an Admission Officer. Please allow three to five (3-5) workdays for photo validation. After 3-5 workdays, sign-in to your account again.

        Note: To avoid inconvenience and further delays, please upload a scanned clear copy of your photo in the correct format.
    5. Check Exam Results. (This link will appear on the scheduled release of exam results) Click this option to view your exam results. Please check announcement from PUP website.
    6. Sign out. Always sign out from the PUP iApply after using it. Use your email address and password to sign into your account.

Payment and Submission of Required Documents

  1. Pay the Exam Fee. The applicant may opt to pay at the PUP Cashier or at any Landbank Branch:
    1. PUP Cashier. Must bring the downloaded PUP iApply payment voucher. Applicable only during [Modified] General Community Quarantine. Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM only, except during national holidays and office work suspensions:
      1. Go to  to schedule your visit
      2. After a successful appointment, proceed to PUP Sta. Mesa, Manila
      3. Prior to entering the premises, you (and your companion/s) must undergo University Health Protocols
      4. If you are allowed to enter the University premises, proceed to the PUP Cashier's Office
      5. Detach the PUP Cashier's Copy of the payment voucher and present to the PUP Cashier with your payment
      6. After processing your payment, claim your Official Receipt (O.R.). Keep OR together with the Applicant's Copy of the printed payment voucher and submit to the PUP Graduate School.
    2. Landbank Branch. Go to the LANDBANK Branch
      Before paying, fill-out the LBP CASH DEPOSIT Slip with the following details:
      1. Account Name: PUP TRUST RECEIPTS
      2. Clearing Account Number: 0682-1020-47
      4. Type of Exam: PUP GSEE
      5. Reference Number, and
      6. Amount to be paid (as indicated in the provided payment voucher)
      7. Present to the LANDBANK teller the duly accomplished LBP Cash Deposit Slip with your payment and the Bank Copy of your printed Payment Voucher.
      8. After processing your payment, the LANDBANK teller will give you a copy of the LBP Cash Deposit Slip. Submit the LBP validated deposit slip or proof of payment to the PUP Graduate School.

        Before leaving the bank, please read the printed validation on your LBP Cash Deposit Slip and ensure that it contains the CORRECT information as mentioned above. If it contains discrepancies or incorrect information, approach the LBP teller and have it corrected immediately.
  2. Submit the required documents. After paying the Exam Fee, submit the COMPLETE entrance documents personally or via email. (Note:  Incomplete requirements will not be processed/accepted.)
    1. Onsite submission. The applicant may personally submit the COMPLETE Entrance documents to:
      PUP Graduate School
      M.H. Del Pilar Campus
      Valencia St. corner R. Magsaysay Blvd.
      Sta. Mesa, Manila
    2. Via email. You may Email the clear, scanned copies of your application/admission requirements to using the email Subject: Surname_Desired Program_GSEE (Example:  CRUZ_MAP_GSEE)
  3. Please wait for a notification email from the PUP CPSPA Graduate Studies for the schedule of the entrance exam


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