The Polytechnic University of the Philippines is mandated to primarily provide higher occupational, technical and professional instruction and training in the applied arts and sciences and to promote applied research, advance studies, and progressive leadership in the stated fields; to offer programs in other polytechnic areas in addition to its present offering of ladder-type higher vocational, technical and professional programs in the areas of business and distributive arts, education and the social sciences related to the fields of commerce and business administration; and to enrich the academic program in other fields of study such as agriculture, arts and trades, and fisheries by integrating such courses as are necessary to produce individuals with highly-technical and managerial skills.

Presidential Decree No.1341 mandated the PUP to expand the program offerings of the University to include courses in polytechnic areas and has also given the University the authority to expand diametrically through the establishment of branches, consortia and linkages.

More information: Presidential Decree No.1341


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