The history of PUP may well parallel the nation's growth and development. As it met the needs of a fledgling Philippine civil service under American rule forged from anvil of Spanish colonialism, so will it serve the rising expectations of the people in the 21st century...desirous now of reclaiming their rightful place in the community of independent nations. As it has withstood the test of time, so will it continue to pace contemporary Philippine history.

Here are the highlights of its growth from a mere business school with an itinerant existence to the country's largest state university. Click upon the timeline link provided below to proceed with the specific part of the PUP history timeline.

1904-1951 1904-1951
Take a journey to the University's humble beginnings as it started being a Business School.

1952-1971 1952-1971
This period covers the time where the Business School became a College whose main thrust is in Commerce.

1972-1985 1972-1985
The Institution's transformation from a College into a University happened during these period.

1986-1990 1986-1990
This period brought about a dramatic change in the University firming its commitment to the role of education as an equalizing factor.

1991-1999 1991-1999
To keep pace with changing conditions, the University underwent continuous change in this period.

2000-2011 2000-2011
A transition point as the University heads for the future, grasps new and emerging technologies, and prepares itself to become globally competitive.

2012-present 2012...
Transforming PUP into an epistemic community.

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