The Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension, and Development(OVPRED) may be the youngest of all the VP offices in the University, but it certainly has one of the most interesting beginnings.

From its progenitor, the Department of Research and Statistics was established in November 1951, the office underwent changes in name as well as in functions. The different presidents that steered the University have caused the reorganization of the research arm of their administrations as they saw fit.

In 1955, the Department was renamed the Department of Research, Statistics, and Evaluation. In 1961, it was called the Department of Research and Statistics with Dean Mateo Esguerra as Head. Under the leadership of Prof. Edna Formilleza in 1970, the Department was considered an "auxiliary instructional department" under the direct supervision of the Office of the President.

When martial law was declared in 1972, the Department of Research and Statistics was converted into an administrative office, the Office of Planning and Statistics with Prof. Leticia Arbis as the Chief. Another reorganization made by PCC President Isabelo T. Crisostomo in 1974-1975 renamed the unit the Office of Research and Development with Mr. Alfredo Uy as Chief. Prof. Elmer Abueg took over from Mr. Uy. In 1977, Dr. Pablo T. Mateo upgraded the Office of Research and Development to a department and renamed it the Department of Research under the Vice President for Academic Affairs. Prof. Leticia Arbis was reappointed as its head with the position of a director. In 1979, the PCC was converted into a chartered state university through PD 1341. The Department was restructured and named Department of Planning and Research with four units under it.

A popular mass action in 1986 reinstalled Dr. Nemesio Prudente as PUP President. Another University reorganization took place and the Department was renamed Department of Research, Planning and Development (DRPD).

In 1994, Prof. Paz Navarro was appointed DRPD Director, replacing Prof. Leticia Arbis who retired from the University. During this time, the Science and Technology Research and Development Center (SCITECH), Special Projects Office (SPO), and the Electronic Data Processing (EDP) were put under the supervisory wings of the DRPD.

Dr. Mely Padilla took over the DRPD reins from Prof. Navarro when the latter retired. The research functions of the DRPD then included the conduct of institutional researches, data bank management for faculty, staff and students, and the conduct of faculty evaluation by the students.

Two bodies were formed, namely, the University Research Council (URC) and the University Project Evaluation Committee (UPEC) to promote research among the University constituents.

In November 1998, Dr. Ofelia M. Carague ascended the PUP Presidency. A university reorganization took place and the DRPD was elevated into the Office of the Vice President for Research and Development (OVPRD), with Dr. Normita A. Villa as the Vice President. This proved the University's renewed commitment to make research a focal point in its bid for excellence.

The determination with which the University committed itself to research required focused efforts that resulted in the formulation of the University Research Manual that contained the guidelines for the preparation of research proposals by colleges and other units, as well as for the evaluation of these research proposals by the UPEC and URC for university funding. The OVPRD also began exploring possible research collaboration with national and international organizations.

Under the skillful leadership of OIC Dr. Samuel M. Salvador, PUP continues to make rapid strides in research and development. For the 100th Foundation Anniversary, the OVPRD has committed to write the PUP History, publish 100 monographs, and a book on leading alumni entrepreneurs.

In May, 2006 Dr. Victoria C. Naval took over as the Vice President for Research and Development. In the brief period that Dr. Victoria C. Naval assumed the vice presidency of the OVPRD before her promotion to the office of the EVP, much was accomplished by the office in terms of honest-to-goodness involvement in research and development. The following were but a few of these achievements which can be credited to her leadership.

  • holding of an action planning seminar workshop “Proactive Action Planning: Creating the Future”
  • setting the new directions for R&D by the VPRD
  • forging of a research consortium with the DLSU, UST, and PLM organizing the Metropolitan Manila Industry, Energy Research Development to strengthen research on alternative energy, environment, food processing, and other concerns
  • contract signing between CHED Chair Carlito Puno and PUP Acting President Dante Guevarra with DLSU Pres. Armin Luistro for PUP to lead in the CHED-approved and funded Studies on Distance Education
  • participation in DOST’’s Technology Innovation for Commercialization (TECHNICOM) Program
  • observation tour of American Ivy Leagues (Harvard, Yale, Princeton) by the PO Director Dr. Milagros Cañares to learn more about the intricacies of publishing refereed journals; and a side visit to the New York office of the internationally renowned Reuters News Agency to confer with PUP alumnus Gene Ramos, former The Businessman editor-in-chief
  • starting the development of the OVPRD Website
  • playing a major role in CHED’s Graduate Tracer Study with Dr. Joseph Mercado, CS Dean, as project leader for PUP

After its much-celebrated centennial in 2004, the University embarks anew on its continuing mission of providing the much needed quality education, primarily to the country’s economically challenged but academically qualified students. Today, with Dr. Emanuel C. De Guzman as the President and Dr. Manuel M. Muhi as VPREPD, the OVPRED continues to be a major partner of the University in its quest to truly become a powerhouse not only in the areas of instruction and extension, but also in the area of research and planning.

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