Research, Extension and Development

The Office of the Vice President for Research, Extension, and Development (OVPRED) is tasked to ensure that the University research policy resonates with CHED’s research thrusts. Through its offices, institutes, and centers, the OVPRED shall see to the implementation of its mandated task - the undertaking of various research, extension and developmental activities of the University.


Research Management
Research Support Center | Research Monitoring and Evaluation Center

Extension Management
Extension Monitoring and Evaluation Center | Extension Support Center | Center for Extension and Community Linkages

Institutional Planning
Planning Section | Evaluation and Monitoring Section

Intellectual Property Management
Innovation, Technology and Commercialization Center | Center for Technology Transfer and Enterprise Development

Research Publications
Editorial Section | Lay Out and Design Section


Science and Technology Research
Center for Engineering and Technology Research | Center for Life Sciences Research | Center for Mathematics, Computing and Information Sciences Researches | Center for Physical Sciences Research

Culture and Language Studies
Center for Language and Literary Studies | Center for Philosophy and Humanities Studies | Center for Creative Writing Studies | Center for Social History Studies

Human and Social Development
Center for Indigenous Peoples Studies | Center for Peace, Poverty Alleviation and Community Development Studies | Center for Public Administration and Governance Studies | Center for Human Rights Studies | Center for Environmental Studies | Center for Labor and Industrial Relations Studies

Gender and Development
Center for Gender Training and Advocacy | Center for Gender Studies

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