The history of the College of Education dates back to the birth of the Manila Business School (MBS) in 1904 when MBS, as a part of the Manila City School system, became the training ground of students for either government service or entrepreneurship, offering courses in typing, bookkeeping, stenography, and telegraphy in addition to the prescribed intermediate curriculum.

When MBS was renamed Philippine School of Commerce (PSC) in 1908, a secondary course was added to the existing courses, and a one-year postsecondary course in stenography was offered in 1912.

When PSC was merged with the Philippine Normal School (PNS) in 1933, PSC operated under the direct supervision and administration of the PNS superintendent for some 12 years, but notwithstanding the merger, PSC replaced its secondary curriculum in 1935 with a two-year junior college curriculum, the Associate in Commercial Science (ACS).

Philippine Educational System a plaque of distinction for bold and successful pioneering in vocational and business educationAs PSC became the Philippine College of Commerce (PCC) in 1952, it organized its teacher training department and besides offering two-year secretarial, bookkeeping, and distributive curricula, it offered a four-year curriculum in business education, the Bachelor of Science in Business Education (BSBE), which received from the Philippine Educational System a plaque of distinction for "bold and successful pioneering in vocational and business education." In 1955, the Business Writers Association of the Philippines conferred on PCC the title of "Business College of the Year" for its dynamic leadership in business education and office administration (formerly called secretarial).

From 1952 to 1977, the Teacher Training Program was under the Business Teacher Education Department, but from 1962 to 1974, the Teacher Training Department became a separate department from the Secretarial Studies.

In 1974-1975, the Department of Business Teacher Education was transferred to the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS). In 1978 when PCC was converted into a chartered state university and accordingly renamed Polytechnic University of the Philippines (PUP), the Secretarial Studies Department was merged with the Business Teacher Education to become the Faculty of Secretarial and Business Education (FSBE).

In 1983, FSBE was renamed College of Secretarial and Business Education (CSBE); in 1986, the name was again changed to College of Office Administration and Business Teacher Education (COABTE).

Throughout its 23-year existence as COABTE, the college offered two degree programs: Bachelor in Office Administration (BOA) and Bachelor in Business Teacher Education (BBTE). It also offered a one-year Postbaccalaureate in Teacher Education program to holders of nonteaching degree programs not only to qualify them to take the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET) but also to help them meet the requirements for the continuing Professional Education Program of the Professional Regulation Commission. The BBTE and BOA programs have been accredited to Level 2 by the Accrediting Agency for Chartered Colleges and Universities of the Philippines (AACCUP).

On November 22, 2009, by virtue of the PUP Board of Regents' approval, COABTE was renamed College of Education (CoEd) to respond to the increasing demand for qualified graduates who can teach at the elementary, secondary, and tertiary levels and to uphold the University's leadership in the field of education. As a result of the change of name, the Department of Office Administration has become a part of the College of Business.

PCC was conferred by the Business Writers Association of the Philippines the title of Business College of the Year.Today, the CoEd is providing a broader spectrum of degree programs: Bachelor in Elementary Education, Bachelor in Secondary Education (with Major Options in English, Mathematics, Filipino, and Social Studies), and Bachelor in Business Teacher Education (with Major Options in Business Technology and Livelihood Education, and Information Technology Education). It has also continued to offer the Postbaccalaureate Program for noneducation graduates to prepare them for a teaching career.

The ever-changing educational landscape at the CoEd is the result of the conscientious efforts of the University and the college officials, faculty, and staff to respond to the increasing need for quality education for CoEd's graduates and other stakeholders. Thus, CoEd shall remain steadfast in upholding a legacy of excellence and a commitment to service.

No history is complete without important names: the leaders, the builders. The list shows the distinguished, dedicated faculty members who have headed the college since its inception.

Mrs. Virginia Mendoza Dean of Instruction 1954 - 1973
Prof. Adelaida B. Zamora Head, Secretarial Department 1954 - 1975
Prof. Ernesto L. Dumlao Head, Secretarial Department 1975 - 1977
Prof. Josefina L. Tongko Faculty Assistant, Secretarial Department 1975 - 1977
Prof. Remedios Q. Luber Dean, FSBE
Chairperson, Business Education (CAS)
1977 - 1982
1974 - 1975
Dr. Milagros R. Morales Dean, FSBE
Associate Dean, FSBE
Chairperson, Office Administration
1983 - 1987
1977 - 1982
1976 - 1977
Dr. Soledad L. Villena Dean, COABTE 1987 - 1992
Prof. Rosa D. Guirao Dean, COABTE
Acting Dean, COABTE
Chairperson, Office Administration
1994 - 1997
1992 - 1994
1989 - 1992
Prof. Avelina C. Bucao Dean, COABTE
Head, Business Education
1997 - 2004
1983 - 1989
Dr. Rosalina D. Luna Chairperson, Office Administration
Supervisor, Cooperative Training Program
1992 - 1995, 1987 - 1989
1985 - 1987
Prof. Fulcida A. Eligado Head, Secretarial Education
Supervisor, Laboratory Rooms
1983 - 1985
1985 - 1987
Prof. Zaida R. Lopez Chairperson, Business Teacher Education 1989 - 1992
Dr. Liceria D. Lorenzo Dean, CoEd
Chairperson, Business Teacher Education
Nov. 2009 - Aug. 30, 2010
2004 - 2009
1998 - 2001, 1992 - 1995
Dr. Milagrina A. Gomez Chairperson, Business Teacher Education 1995 - 1998
Prof. Charito A. Montemayor Chairperson, Office Administration 1995 - 1999
Prof. Ma. Nita D. Atencio Chairperson, Office Administration 1999 - 2003
Prof. Edilberto S. Bagnes Chairperson, Business Teacher Education 2002 - 2003
Prof. Josefina V. Dacanay Chairperson, Business Teacher Education 2003 - 2004
Prof. Dolores J. Alcantara Chairperson, Office Administration 2008 - Nov. 2009
2003 - 2005
Prof. Loida A. Yacat Chairperson, Office Administration 2005 - 2008
Prof. Josefina R. Tan Chairperson, Business Teacher Education 2004 - Apr. 2008
Prof. Minna L. Comuyog Chairperson, Business Teacher Education Apr. - Aug. 2008
Dr. Rovelina B. Jacolbia Chairperson, Business Teacher Education Jan. 2009 - present
Dr. Ma. Junithesmer D. Rosales Chairperson, Elementary and Secondary Education May 2010 - present
Dr. Mely M. Padilla Dean, CoEd Aug. 31, 2010 - 2011
Dr. Jennifor Aguilar Chairperson, Elementary and Secondary Education September 2013 - present
Dr. Milagrina A. Gomez Dean, CoEd
Program Chair, Doctor in Educational Management and Master in Educational Management


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