Student Organizations

  • COED Chorale
  • COED Dance Troupe
  • The Limestone (CoEd Official Publication)
  • Student Council (SC)

Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESED)

  • Bachelor of Elementary Education Association (BEEdA)
  • Bachelor in Elementary and Secondary Teaching Society (BEST Society)
  • Damdamin at Malay-PUP Sta. Mesa (DAMLAY)
  • Epistemic League of Interactive Teachers of English (ELITE)
  • MathRIIX (Math Club)
  • PUP Social Studies Guild (PUP-SSG)

Department of Business Teacher Education (DBTE)

  • Future Business Teacher Organization (FBTO)
  • Guild of Livelihood and Technology Educators (GLiTES)
  • Society of Information Technology Educators (SITE)

Department of Library and Information Sciences (DLIS)

  • Library Information Science Students Organization (LISSO)
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