Graduate Programs

Doctor in Education Management (DEM)
The Doctor in Education Management (DEM) is an academic research degree designed especially for school administrators at all levels of education, education specialists and educators serving at the tertiary level.

The program emphasizes high standards and advanced levels of academic challenge in pursuit of quality and excellence in education. It incorporates a research orientation for effective decision making enabling them to become positive change agents in the attainment of national and international goals.

Master in Education Management (MEM)
The Master in Education Management program is a competency-oriented program designed to produce highly skilled, globally responsive, educational managers/leaders and instructional specialists who are interested in pursuing academic excellence, advancing research, and promoting a culture of sharing.

Master in Business Education (MBE)
The Master in Business Education program is intended for the training teachers to teach business courses and who will assume leadership in curriculum and instruction in schools at the elementary, secondary, tertiary and vocational/technical schools. The program is designed for degree holders in business courses and business teacher education area.

Master of Science in Mathematics Education (MSME)
The Master of Science in Mathematics Education program is a teaching/research degree. It is intended to provide advanced training in the process of learning and structuring mathematics and in creating rich environment that allow for the investigation and growth based on an undergraduate specialization in mathematics education, it is intended for those pursuing the teaching/research career path in mathematics education.

Master of Arts in English Language Teaching (MAELT)
The Master of Arts in English Language Teaching is tailored to prepare students for professional careers as ESL educators and consultants in different institutional settings, as well as for advanced academic study in second language and applied linguistic.

Master in Physical Education and Sports
The Master in Physical Education and Sports program is designed to produce globally competent educators, sports practitioners, and physical education professionals.

Master in Library and Information Science
The Master in Library and Information Science (MLIS) program us designed to prepare qualified men and women for professional positions in various types of libraries and information centers. The MLIS degree is extremely flexible and demand is great for graduate with academic background. The program is dedicated to providing a quality MLIS degree to students in any part of the country.

Postbaccalaureate Program

Postbaccalaureate in Teacher Education (PBTE)
The Post Baccalaureate in Teacher Education (PBTE) is a one-year course for non-education baccalaureate degree holders who desire to take and pass the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). This program is also designed to enhance the teaching skills of those who, without education units, desire to teach their specialization and meet the requirements of the teaching profession.

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