Mission, Vision, Goals and Objectives

The College of Education is one of the flagship colleges of the Polytechnic University of the Philippines. It offers undergraduate courses that prepare future teachers of this country to become competent professionals who are imbued with the needed skills and competencies to prepare the future of this country who will be enrolling in basic education.


The Premier Center of Excellence in Teacher Education.


True to its vision, the College of Education shall prepare professional educators and practitioners who can promote quality   and excellence in diverse societal settings; support human diversity; execute effective pedagogy and research-based practices; collaborate internationally thru exemplary leadership, innovation and scholarly pursuits and serve humanity with highest caliber of service and professionalism.


  1. Learner-Focused Instruction - provide students with lifelong learning opportunities
  2. International comparability of Curricula - ensure that all curricula are research-oriented and compliant with national and international standards of quality and excellence
  3. Empowered Faculty - build on excellent faculty by providing opportunities for global engagement
  4. Research Excellence - enhance research capability, and disseminate and implement research findings
  5. Strengthened Community Engagement -  engage faculty, students, and the community in respectful collaboration to address identified needs of the community and deepen student/faculty civic and academic well-being
  6. Responsive Governance and Management - inspire a culture of intellectual curiosity and passion for making a difference
  7. Expanded collaborative Partnership and Networks - build on faculty strength within the university and on intellectual collaborations across universities worldwide to enrich academic programs
  8. Sustainable Technology Service - use of best practices and technologies to optimize learning experiences while modeling sustainability
  9. Empowered Stakeholders - establish contact with stakeholders to ensure that they are well-informed and regularly consulted about the roles they need to perform in building and enhancing the image of the College of Education
  10. Dynamic Learning Environment - provide an atmosphere where engagement and passion for learning thrives.
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